Summer Retreats

Two Summer Retreats in 2017!


Join us for the Ling Gui Qigong School’s Annual Summer Retreat and immerse yourself in powerful Qigong guided by world renowned Qigong Masters! Once again, this year’s summer retreat will be held in the relaxing and beautiful Still Meadow Retreat Center in Damascus, Oregon. In addition to a wonderfully inspiring teaching room, there are trails on the property, a wood-fired sauna, and swimming in the nearby Clackamas River. For the adventurous, there are beautiful hikes available about an hour up the road.

July 19-23, 2017  our annual 5 day summer retreat featuring:

Healing Qigong Program (Activating Your Qi with Medical Qigong & Awakening the Inner Landscape) will feature Nei Yang Gong for the Heart, Big Dipper Meditation, & New Moon I-Ching Meditation. Tuition: early registration until June 20 $510, tuition after $545.


Qigong & Qigong TuiNa Program (Activating Your Qi with Medical Qigong & Medical Qigong TuiNa for Hypothyroidism) will feature Nei Yang Gong for the Heart, Big Dipper Meditation, Chan Meditation, & Qigong TuiNa for Hypothyroidism & Taoist Medical Theory. Tuition: early registration until June 20 $560, after $595.

Retreat times:

Wednesday 3-6:30
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 9-12 & 3-6
Sunday 9-12:30



July 24-26, 2017 our 3 day summer retreat Harmonizing with the Seasonal Qi: Four Seasons Meditation

Are you ready to harmonize with each season? Learn more about the Chinese classics? Learn Qigong to awaken this ancient information?

Master Liu He will take you on a journey to explore Chapter 2 of the Huang Di Nei Jing (or The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) that is entitled the “Great Treatise on the Harmony of the Atmosphere of the Four Seasons with the Human Spirit”. As you can guess, this chapter explains what and what not to engage in during a particular season to harmonize with the natures energies.

Along with the lecture, Master Liu will introduce you to Four Seasons Meditations, teaching you a meditation (laying, sitting, and standing) to harmonize your body, emotions, and spirits in each of the seasons.

Spring (associated with the Liver and Wood) is a time of growth and regeneration in nature. Representative of new beginnings, a profound way to energize the body after illness and periods of lethargy, you give birth to the pure yang qi and increase blood circulation. Practicing this meditation after a long cold winter, your body will naturally resonate with the spring energies and have the power to harmonize you with the year. There is a Chinese expression that states, “the whole year’s energy depends upon the Spring”.

Summer (associated with the Heart and Fire) is a time for continued growth, ripening, and reaching out. This all depends upon the foundation of Spring.

Fall (associated with the Lungs and Metal) brings a time for harvesting the Qi from Spring and Summer.

Winter (associated with the Kidneys and Water) is the time for storing and hibernating the Qi in order for the Spring cycle of growth to regenerate once again.

Tuition: early registration until June 19 $390, after $425.

Retreat times:

Monday/Tuesday 9-12 & 3-6
Wednesday 9-12

Enroll in our 5 day retreat and our 3 day retreat  to receive 15% off the 3 day retreat $361.25 – Contact us for more information on how to register.

Lodging and meals available on-site at an additional charge. Please contact us for information on onsite lodging/meals. (price excludes transportation, lodging, or meals).

Whereas when Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you are in doubt of your capabilities or have special health concerns.

Terms & Conditions: All fees (tuition), once paid are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the workshop, it is possible to transfer your tuition to another.


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5 day retreat Healing Qigong Program

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5 day retreat Qigong & Qigong TuiNa Program

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3 day retreat July 24-26, 2017

Four Seasons

Lodging & Meal forms  (these must be mailed in and paid via check):

Please contact us for information and availability on onsite lodging/meals. (price excludes transportation, lodging, or meals).