China Trip

Qigong & Meditation


With Dr. Liu Dong

In Si Chuan Province, teaching by different Masters, Taoist and Buddhist monks

Tibetan Hospital  Study of Tibetan Medicine

May 20-June 2, 2018

                               15 days – Price 2,300 USD



Study Program:

– Practice meditation and Qi Gong in the Taoist temple of He Ming Shan

– Retreat and meditation in the Buddhist temple of Wen Shu Yuan

– Retreat and meditation in the Tibetan temple of Cha Li and Guan Yin

– Study of Tibetan Medicine in a hospital




Day 1– Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu/Afternoon: Visit Old Town of Kuan Zhai Xian/Practice Qi Gong with Dr. Liu Dong.

Day 2 – Chengdu

Morning: View the relics and study meditation in the temple of Wen Shu Yuan/Afternoon: Meditation.

Day 3 – He Ming Shan

Practice meditation and Qi Gong with a Taoist monk Conference about Tao.


Day 4 – He Ming Shan

Practice meditation in the cave where Lao Zi had a retreat

on the summit of the mountain.




Day 5 – Chengdu/Ma Er Kang

Visit the old town of Qiang


Group A Altitude 2400m

Day 6 – Ma Er Kang

Day 7 – Ma Er Kang

Day 8 – Ma Er Kang

Day 9 – Ma Er Kang Guan Yin

Introduction of Tibetan meditation/Visit Tibetan temples.


Group B Altitude 3500m

Day 8 – Ma Er Kang/Aba

Day 9 – Aba

Visit and practice meditation in the temple of Cha Li/ Conference with the Living Buddha.

Day 10 – Aba

Practice meditation and watch spiritual debates of the young lamas in the temple of Cha Li or in another temple.

Day 11 – Aba Guan Yin


Day 12 – Guan Yin

Practice Meditation and Mantra with lamas in the temple.


Day 13 – Guan Yin Chengdu


Day 14 – Le Shan

Visit the statue of the Great Buddha. Departure to Chengdu in the evening.


Day 15 – Chengdu

Visit Buddhist or Taoist temple/ free time in the afternoon.





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China Trip May 20-June 2, 2018

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Jizu Mountain monk