China Trip

Qigong & Meditation in China

 With Dr. Liu Dong

In Si Chuan Province and region of Tibet,

with different masters, Taoist and Buddhist monks

May 19-June 1, 2019

14 days – Price 2,350 USD


The trip for China next year will be a mix of American and French participants. If there are more than ten American participants, China travel agent will offer us an English interpreter. Otherwise, we will look for a person in the group who can help translating from French to English.

Study Program:


– Practice meditation and Qi Gong in the Taoist temple of He Ming Shan.

– Retreat and meditation in Dalai Lama’s Chamber.

– Study of Tibetan Medicine in a hospital.



Day 1– Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu/Afternoon: Visit Old Town of Kuan Zhai Xian/Practice Qi Gong with Dr Liu Dong.

Day 2 – Chengdu

Morning: Study meditation in the temple of Wen Shu Yuan/Afternoon: Meditation.

Day 3 – He Ming Shan

Practice meditation and Qi Gong with a Taoist monk. Conference on Tao.

Day 4 – He Ming Shan

On the summit of the mountain, practice meditation in the cave, where Lao Zi once had a retreat.

Day 5 – Chengdu/KangDi

Visit the Hospital of Tibetan Medicine.

Day 6 – KangDi/TouFu

Practice meditation in Dalai Lama’s Chamber.

Day 7 – TouFu/GanZi

Visit Ganzi temple

Day 8 – GanZi/BaiYu

Visit Ganzi temple. Practice meditation with monks of the temple.

Day 9 – Ya QingSi

Practice meditation with the nuns of the temple

Day 10 – YaqingSi/Luo Huo

Practice meditation with the nuns of the temple

Day 11 – Luo Huo/Xin DuJiao

Visit Mount Luo Huo, called by the Tibetans Mountain of Spirit, and the waterfall, called Holy Water of Tibetans. Since thousands of years, the Tibetans continually prayer and heal diseases in this place.

Day 12 – Kang Ding/Cheng Du

Practice Meditation and Mantra with the lamas of the temple.

Day 13 – Cheng Du

Practice Qi Gong with Liu Dong in a park. Visit the picturesque Jing Li district and the Chengdu Tibetan district.

Day 14 – Cheng Du/US

Departure for USA




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Jizu Mountain monk