Dr. Liu Dong’s Acupuncture Center

Dr. Dong E Liu
MD (China), Ph.D, OMD, Licensed Acupuncturist

In-person Sessions:
Golden Seed Golden Tree Acupuncturist Center
Office address:
2901 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 233
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Long Distance Sessions:

Dr. Liu Dong will now be offering Chinese herbal and nutritional consultations via Skype or Face Time.

What would a consultation be like?

A consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your health concerns and includes a 45 minute Skype or Face Time session with Dr. Liu Dong. With this information, he will make a diagnosis and determine what will be the best herbal formula and nutritional therapies for you.

After the consultation, Dr. Liu will create a custom herbal formula based on your Chinese medicine pattern identification. He will then call the order in to a trusted herbal pharmacy in California. This will then get shipped to you (payment for the herbs will be direct to the pharmacy).

Each consultation lasts about 45 minutes and the fee is $65.

To schedule an appointment you may:
Phone: 310-367-9292


Email: [email protected]