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Five Animals Qigong with Dr. Liu Dong – Seattle

November 9, 2019 - November 10, 2019

Hua Tuo, a famous ancient doctor, developed this form of qigong after living by himself in the mountains in order to watch the lives of the animals, especially the Tiger, the Deer, the Bear, the Monkey and the Crane. This method has been practiced since before the 17th century. This form incorporates some movements from other qigong such as Dao Yin (movement exercises for circulating qi) and TuNa (breathing exercises). There are many subsequent variations of Five Animal Play but this form as taught by Dr. Liu is inspired by the classical Five Animal Play and enriched by Dr. Liu’s own qigong experience.

The imitation of the animals is the foundation and the key to this exercise. It is not only important to imitate the movements of each animal but it is also important to embrace the character of these animals. Therefore, the Tiger play should express the powerful and majestic presence and the watchfulness in its face. The Deer play should be relaxed, smooth and nimble. The Bear play should be calm, slow and the movements heavy and slightly clumsy. The Monkey play should be active and energetic. And the Crane should be light, dignified and graceful. In short, it is necessary to identify with the animal in body and in spirit.

The Chinese medicine theory shows a correspondence between the five animals and the five organs:

Tiger movements – tonifies the kidneys, majestic and powerful, supports one’s energy and strengthens the bones

Deer movements – disperses liver stagnation, increases blood circulation and relaxes the tendons to increase qi circulation

Bear movements – harmonizes the spleen and stomach and improves the digestion

Monkey movements – nourishes the heart and stimulates the mind/intelligence

Crane movements – strengthens the lungs and increases the capacity of the breath


Workshop times:
Saturday, 2-6:30pm
Sunday, 9am-3:30pm

For registration, download the form below and mail in with your tuition or pay on-line with Paypal.

All tuition fees once paid are non-refundable, transferable to another workshop/class/retreat for $80 fee.

Whereas when Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you are in doubt of your capabilities or have special health concerns.

Tuition: $225 early registration (30 days prior), $255 after.

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November 9, 2019
November 10, 2019
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Ballard NW Senior Center
5429 32nd Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107 United States
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