Individual Sessions with Master Liu He


“Last spring, I took a series of six classes in The Six Healing Sounds from one of the teachers trained by Master Liu. I am very happy and surprised at how easily the practice improves my emotional outlook. It’s easy for me to continue to practice the Six Healing Sounds (almost every day since taking the class) in part because I actually feel improvement every day, even as I practice! My naturopath recently suggested that I might also benefit from private sessions with Master Liu. I have had three appointments with Master Liu, over a period of about five weeks, each appointment supported by following up with her simple food therapies.  I am astonished at the level of improvement I feel in every aspect of my health and well-being as well as my attitude and outlook. At my third appointment with Master Liu, she told me to continue practicing qi gung, and that I wouldn’t need to see her again for 2-3 months. I haven’t ever been as quickly and profoundly affected by another practice or therapy, and I was very happy to hear that these changes are strong and stable enough to allow me to practice for a season before seeing her again. Thank you, Master Liu”  B.L. Oregon

My elderly mother has seen Master Liu He two times and had immediate health improvements after both sessions. Her healing sessions are powerful. She will continue to see Master Liu He on a regular basis to help improve her health issues. We are grateful.”   Anonymous, Portland Oregon 

“Thank you very much for the healing session last week and for sending your Qi. The session relieved much of the pain and helped realign my spine. I appreciate the recommendations for foods & lifestyle adjustments.  I look forward to another session.”  K. Schaeffer, Washington (phone healing session)

“Received a great treatment on many levels.  Master Liu has an amazing way of taking seemingly complex health issues and zeroing in on the root of the imbalance with laser precision.”  – OCOM graduate/Acupuncturist (in-person session)

“I have worked with Master Liu He several times and have found that generally my health is improving and more than that, specific problems that I had previously been experiencing are also improving.  I am very grateful for her expertise and recommendations for healthy eating.  Thank you”. –  Karen (in-person & Skype sessions)


“Thank you. These sessions supplement and support the work that I do on my own…just perfect.– N. Sides (Skype session)

“After my March 6th appointment I have followed your instructions and as early as 3 days after the appointment I began to feel so much better.  My energy has improved significantly, my sleep is much more peaceful and I am feeling more positive.” – Constance

“Twelve years ago my body was shutting down.  I had multiple organ failure, was on a ventilator and in a coma.  I managed to live through that.  The doctors didn’t know what was making me sick, and couldn’t explain how I got better.  Four years after that it all happened again.  That was my second brush with death.  The doctors still couldn’t explain what was going on.  Four years after that I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease.  Too sick to work, I’ve been unemployed since then.  I was treated with multiple antibiotics and other drugs, trying to control the symptoms for a disease that no one knew how to cure.  My doctor called it a terminal illness and my life would be as long as I was able to control the symptoms which included a raging lung infection, massive edema and diabetes that was constantly threatening to go out of control.  In October of 2012 I knew that I was losing the battle to live.  It was getting harder and harder to keep things under control.  I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t survive a third round of organ failures. Four months ago, I met Master Liu for the first time.  What a difference she has made in my life.  I’m off all the antibiotics and pills that I’d been taking for years.  My mind is clear and my digestion is improving.  My immune system is starting to respond more normally.  I had been living under the threat of a death sentence every day for all these years, but now I finally have real hope.  I’m seeing measurable and positive differences.  Thank you, Master Liu, for giving me my life back.” – Blessings Cee Neuner

As Master Liu He’s work spreads throughout the world, we have been receiving more and more requests for individual healing sessions with her.

In answer to these requests, we are pleased to announce that she will once again offer individual healing sessions! Sessions will be offered in person, Skype, phone, or long distance healing.

Master Liu He began her Taoist Medical Qigong training at the tender age of 4 with her grandfather, a respected Chinese Medicine Doctor.  By age 14 she attained the level of Qigong Master and was given permission to teach and perform healing techniques.  Since then, her powerful healing techniques have helped numerous people around the world.

With over 30 years of extensive healing and teaching experience, she is able to intuitively assess your Qi level and identify blockages in a person’s meridians (channels), imbalances within the organ systems, and/or disharmony with emotions or spirit. By recognizing these areas, she determines the root cause. With this information, she then transmits healing Qi (in person, Skype/phone or remotely).

After transmission, Master Liu then designs a personal program for your continued harmonization and healing. This may include:

                 Qigong Prescription for Self-Healing

                 Acupoint Self-Massage Protocol

                 Food Remedies

                 Seasonal Suggestions

                 Lifestyle Suggestions

                Qi Therapy (internal and external – in person)


Master Liu He can conduct the consultation in either the English, French, or Chinese (Mandarin) language.


In-Person Session:

To schedule, call 503-380-5814 or email [email protected]

Length of session:

– First time session:  80 minutes, $170 for Ling Gui & OCOM students, $ 195 for all Others

– 50 minutes, $120 for Ling Gui & OCOM students, $145 for all Other

Location:   3939 NE Hancock St., Suite 213, Portland, OR 97212 at Hollywood Professional Center

Master Liu He’s individual session schedule fills early.  Please be patient when scheduling a session, we do offer a cancellation list and we will do our best to schedule you as quickly as possible.

Payments are accepted in-person via check or  cash or on-line via Paypay below. Please note the Cancellation  and Payment policy below.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to all of our clients, we strive to maintain a smooth and efficient operation so that you can enjoy your treatment on time, all of the time. Here are some important details about our cancellation policy:

  • 24 hour notice is required to avoid charges.
  • If you must cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, there will be a missed appointment fee of $35.
  • A no call/no show may result in a charge of 100% of the scheduled services.
  • Emergencies and certain exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis yet must be done by phone or email before the appointment start time.
  • A no call/no show charge must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled or administered.

We greatly appreciate your business and thank you deeply for your cooperation with our policies.


Payment Policy

Payment is due on the day of your appointment. Payment may be paid with check or cash at the session. You may also pay with a credit card PRIOR to your session via our website with PayPal.

Payments not received by the time of service will incur a 10% fee for each month not paid.

80 minute sessions

Ling Gui Student or Public



50 minute sessions

Ling Gui Student or Public



Long Distance Skype or Phone consultations:

To schedule  call 503-380-5814 or email [email protected] .

Length of session: – 45 minutes, $95

– 60 minutes, $110

Once you have made your appointment, you may pay on-line via Paypal below or mail to: LIHQS, 1631 NE Broadway #409, Portland, OR 97232 – PAYMENT Must be received prior to appointment.

45 or 60 minute