Master Liu He-Live Stream

Master Liu He’s Qi Zoom classes are going so well! You not only learn a form, theory, and philosophy, she also transmits her healing Qi to you. She has been working with clients worldwide for many years via live stream.

Here are some recent comments from our current spring classes on Zoom: 

The 1000Buddha eyes is the most incredible qigong. Thank you for letting me join. The level of healing is exceptional. Thank Master Liu for sharing it with us and her energy.

Bernice S, Texas

*Really enjoyed today’s class!
Liu He’s ability to adapt to a new situation is already legendary (e.g., China to France to US!).  But watching her master the art of Qi-Zoom is awesome.  It is like having Liu He right here in my living room once/week 🙂
Feeling blessed 🙂 Phyllis

*I was surprised and pleased at the online experience. It was like being in class with Master Liu! She was very ‘present’ for me and I could definitely feel the qi during the class. The lecture part felt like I was right there with her and the qigong practice was great! It was visually clear and easy to follow.  Laura H., New Mexico

*A Zoom Qi class is like having a private session with Master Liu He. Not only do we learn or review a form with abundant information, we also experience her powerful presence and energetic healing transmissions. Thank you!  Sita W., Oregon

*That was so fabulous! I feel so comfortable with and inspired by Master Liu He. I had so much fun today! Courtney C., California

*Thank you for a wonderful Zoom workshop. I just clicked the link, and voila!
I received the same energy from Master Liu He through my computer. Isn’t it amazing?  I don’t have to drive 30-45 minutes, and cross the crowded bridge.  It was a time saver for me. Thank you again!  Akiko P., Washington

*Congratulations on your ZoomQigong class!
Not only was your teaching clear and easy to follow online, but Qi absolutely flowed from you through my computer screen to me.  This was as close to participating in-person in a Qigong class with you as it could possibly have been. The An Tai meditation is powerful, and truly leaves one feeling peaceful and more secure. Interestingly, there is one added benefit to the Zoom class; it is easier to see the position of your hands and fingers for a mudra. Probably the best indicator of how successful this class was came at the end, when it felt as though no one wanted to leave…myself included :)I am looking forward to the next ZoomQigong class!  Phyllis L. , Montana

*I absolutely love the Stabilizing and Empowering the heart meditation. My dog did to. Normally the intoning freaks him out a little and he goes to another room, lol. Both he and my foster dog laid quietly beside me during the meditation. It was so cool. When we were finished and Master Liu He started the lecture, my dog laid right in front of the screen. He could feel her Qi and my Foster dog opened up more. He’s a little skittish, I just picked him up yesterday. It was not only amazing for myself, but the dogs as well. My gratitude to Master Liu He and all of you at Ling Gui. Tina K., Colorado

*The zoom classes are a great surprise in the level of personal contact that comes across. Master Liu He’s teaching actually feels like we are working one-on-one. When we perform qigong movements or meditation, right away I start to feel a deep calm and harmony coming through to me. I can also feel more circulation in areas which normally are challenged with blockages.I feel peace and uplifting energy conveyed during the classes, which bring a a feeling of centeredness and fortitude. I generally have an aversion to screens, but I forget about them during these classes. I’m drawn to do more and more zoom Qigong,  much to my surprise. Clare. W. Montana

Feng Shui 9 Flying Star for 2020 and Forecast for 2021

June 28, 2020 – 11am-2pm PST

Qian-Kun Qigong ou Qigong de « l’Infini Cosmos »

Cours hebdomadaire exceptionnel avec maître Liu He via zoom, en français, horaires de l’Europe

Dates:  June 1, 8,15,22,29 Juillet 6,13,20
Horaires: Lundi de 20h – 21h30 horaires de l’Europe

Yin-Yang Harvest Medical Qigong

Lectures contain: Chinese and Taoist Medical Theory
pertaining to the Fall, nutritional aspects,
and lifestyle suggestions for optimal health. 

July 25-26, 2020

3-Day Summer Intensive
One Thousand Eyes Buddha
Healing From Head to Toe with Taoist Wisdom

3-day Intensive July 27-29, 2020 (with 2-Special Class Bonus)

12 Chinese Astrological Signs for health, luck, and Prosperity with Master Liu He

August 9, 2020 10:00am-1:30pm PST

La santé de la tête aux pieds avec la sagesse de Mi Zhong Taoist (Qigong, nutrition, mode de vie)

Via zoom, en Français, horaires de l’Europe

Septembre 6, 2020 Horaires: 18h00 – 21h00 horaires de l’Europe

Protecting Your Lungs with Taoist Wisdom

September 6, 2020 2pm-5pm PST

Tie Yi Qigong
Qi Gong des Lions Gardiens de Bouddha

Cours hebdomadaire exceptionnel avec maître Liu He via zoom, en français, horaires de l’Europe

Dates:  Septembre 14, 21,28, Octobre 5,12,19,26  Novembre 2
Horaires: Lundi
de 19h30 – 21h00 horaires de l’Europe

Qian Kun “Infinite Cosmos”

Fall Class Series

Dates: September 13 ,20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, November 1, & 8, 2020 
11am-1pm PST


Jade Woman Qigong

Join Master Liu He as she guides you through her signature Qigong form and title of her published book!

October 24 & 25, 2020

Taoist Nutrition and Healing for the Kidneys

November 7, 2020

More Information

Hu Lu “Golden Gourd” Medical Qigong with Master Liu He

The oldest Taoist name for qigong is “conserve the Qi in a bottle.”

December 12 & 13, 2020

More Information