Testimonials & Endorsements

Read endorsements and what our students are saying about Ling Gui and Qigong!

“Most highly rated session of our OHSU Integrative Medicine Class.” S.S. OHSU Associate Professor


“I wanted to thank you again for your participation in Diversity Conference at Pacific University, and share that we have received great feedback from students and faculty.” K. H., MS, LPC, NCC School of Professional Psychology Pacific University


“It is with great honor that I provide Master Liu He, a long standing faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, with an endorsement for her book. For many years she has been an integral part of the qigong program at the college. Her work has positively touched the many students, colleagues and community members who have had the opportunity to take classes with her. Having experienced her work first hand I can attest to the fact that her teaching style fully engages the student in practice as well as qigong theory and philosophy. Her book contains a vast amount of qigong theory and philosophy that I found applicable for men as well as women”.  Michael Gaeta, EdD, President, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine


“I so encourage you to take this class (One Thousand Hands Buddha).  I did and it quickly became one of my favorite practices.  Having learned so much about the heart…that it is the greatest producer of the human body’s electromagnetic field;  that I’ve seen a video where touching a specific digit on the hand of a monkey resulted in an enlarged and more active area in its brain…well, to learn the 1000 Hands Buddha Qigong is to bring balance to one’s life, bringing heart and mind together in The Field.  Makes such good sense and feels so divine. After I “pledge” to my heart before getting out of bed, I often sit and do the 1000 Hands…touching fingers and thumbs in preparation, remembering what each one is “famous” for.  The first position, the Diamond Mudra, is repeated throughout: true intelligence requires emotional stability.” SH, Montana


“I have found Qigong as taught by Maste Liu invaluable. It has given me a method to access and develop a dimension of strength, vitality and groundedness that is hard to put into words.  What a joy!”   nve

” I was at the Nourishing Woman Qigong seminar last weekend and it was incredible. I am really excited to incorporate this qigong in my every day life.” K. Hamilton, Pennyslvania

My Healing Journey after cancer treatment has been greatly enhanced by learning Qigong with Master Liu He. Three months after my last chemotherapy, I took the Jade Woman workshop. It was both exhilarating and calming. I felt new surges of energy and I felt as if I was reclaiming my body after five months of intense medical treatment. I also find Master Liu He to be a wonderful model for what I call “the power of yin.” So rarely do I see that modeled in leadership in the larger world. She makes me very proud to embrace my own yin power as a woman and to bring it into the world.  Master Liu He also has a wonderful sense of humor and a joy for life that she incorporates into her stellar leadership!

I bought Master Liu He’s book and companion DVD, Jade Woman Qigong: The Healing power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman, which have been a tremendous help with  practicing Jade Woman on my own and understanding the Taoist teachings that have been the foundation of Qigong practice and Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

In February 2010, I took Master Liu He’s workshop, Nourishing Woman Qigong, which has deepened my appreciation of Qigong as a healing and sustaining life practice. These workshops have inspired me to commit to the Ling Gui Qigong School’s personal Self-Cultivation Program. I want to incorporate Qigong into my daily life and I see this practice as a powerful tool in my health and long life. At 58 years old, I am also experiencing a more profound appreciation for life through practicing mindfulness. It is exciting to feel a whole new chapter in my life begin…and to be healthy once again! – M.R.M (Grateful and Happy Student of Qigong)

Recently, my experiences with Qigong have helped me when I became ill with a terrible head cold. I was waking up in the middle of the night with restlessness, cough, and a fever accompanied by body aches. I thought of Qigong to help me relax. I didn’t feel like actually getting out of bed so I simply visualized myself doing the one thousand hands Buddha form. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning.

One of the mornings I awoke, the left side of my head, eye, and left cheek hurt so bad I couldn’t get up. I placed my hands on the sides of my head and ran myself through the laying down meditation (not sure what this one is called). I opened the door at GV 20 and allowed the Qi to enter into my brain, eyes, face, nose, and throat. After about ten minutes the pain was gone and I was able to get up.

I have also be able to reduce anxious feelings and thoughts by taking a moment to concentrate on my breathing in Mudra one, the diamond Mudra. Often before I enter my dentist office I will sit in my car for about 5-10 minutes and just concentrate on my breathing. I have found that when I go in for my visit that I am able to maintain that same breath and my blood pressure readings are always lower than usual.
AS – student

Qigong Saved My Basement……

Some work was being done on my sewer system and so a trench was open outside and right inside the basement. In the storm Sunday it started to fill with water. To keep the water from filling the basement, I was bailing with a bucket, filling up a trash can, and wheeling it out and dumping it into the greenbelt. I was able to keep that up over a period of 6 hours (with breaks in between). My 18 year old housemate meanwhile stopped after about 2 rounds of 20 minutes each because he was so tired. My shoulders and neck hurt and I am stiff and extremely tired, but I am functioning. I will rest more so the MS doesn’t flare, but I am amazed I was able to do that. Qigong has really given me stamina! KW – Master’s Program Student


What qigong has done for me. I’ve gone from being unable to walk around the block eight years ago, to having good health, and freedom from disabling, chronic pain in spite of the fact that I have severely degenerated discs in my lower back and upper neck from a childhood injury. And that’s just the physical healing. I also found not just one, but two qigong teachers who are very different from each other in who they are, how they teach, and what they teach. And they are brother and sister! Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong have taught with great grace and patience under sometimes very difficult circumstances. They teach with incredible dignity, humility, and approachability. They are honor their students by always being fully present and giving fully of themselves, even if maybe they are stressed by life outside the classroom. Their dedication to Qigong is a testimony to the power it has in their own lives. They model a high level of intelligence and compassion, and they act as though we students can do what they do, with the same intelligence and compassion! And so, we students experience depths of meditation, depths of compassion, strength of character, and other qigong and life experiences we didn’t think were possible. I am grateful to Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong. SS – Master’s Program Student

It has been an honor to study with Master Liu He and her brother, Dr. Liu Dong for three years. People may travel afar in hopes of studying with such renown teachers. They come to us with a rich, long and pure lineage. They come with noble happy hearts, quiet mastery, humility. and as two of China’s National Treasures.

Qigong is like “coming home”. As I balance nature within, I experience the highest form of self love and the spiritual and physical opening that follows. My practice has supported me through a crossroads in life of seemingly unbearable pain. Cultivate what is good within and allow the rest to fall to the side.

Not denial. Not change. Transformation. (a grateful student)

“Finding and practicing Qigong during my life’s journey has been powerful beyond words and continues that way as I deepen my practice. I am truly beginning to understand Master Liu He saying, “At first you practice Qigong, and then Qigong practices you.”  Carrie Lafferty,Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais and Certified Qigong Instructor

“I have become healthier practicing the Qigong methods taught by Master Liu He.” Margaret Palmquest,M.D. and Certified Qigong Instructor


“Jade Woman Qigong is powerful medicine. I recently taught it to a patient who had been relying on acupuncture and herbs to manage her menstrual cramps, mood swings, and pre-period headaches. Within two months of learning Jade Woman, she completely eliminated all of her symptoms. It just goes to show the most profound healing we can offer our patients is the power to heal themselves.”  Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. and Certified Qigong Instructor

“Master Liu He is a rare and beautiful teacher. She shares Qigong with a lightness of being, never making any concepts too esoteric or distant from us students. She brings even the most unfamiliar concepts down to earth and to our understanding, so that we can put them into our practice. Her method, which she shares generously with all of us, has provided me with a practical framework that I use not only through Qigong movements and meditation exercises but also as a guide for my inner life, for my relationships with people, and for the challenges of today’s modern world.”  Marisol Mayell,Certified Qigong Instructor and Alexander Technique Teacher

“Connecting with Master Liu He has been the blessing of a lifetime, awakening a dormant healing capacity within me, and a heightened sense of true self-love. Jade Woman makes it easier to live on this planet and has graced my midlife years immeasurably. My teacher walks in integrity with our true nature: balanced, stable, and soft, gifting the West. In deep soul gratitude for all you so graciously awaken within us.”  Maureen Bright,Montessori Teacher and Certified Qigong Instructor

“Jade Woman Qigong balanced my body so dramatically and effectively during pre-menopause that within a short time, I no longer needed to take the natural hormone supplements.” Phyllis Lefohn,Photographer and Certified Qigong Instructor


I attended the Jade Woman workshop this weekend. I enjoyed the class so much! Already, I can tell that this form is going to help me balance myself and further open to the world around me. Master Liu He’s gentle presence and grounded energy is inspiring. Thank you! Meredith Hamm ,  ( Portland, Oregon).


I want to thank you for your beautiful qigong dvds.  I first discovered you on youtube.  I have Lyme disease.  I started doing some of the forms you show on youtube and then I ordered 2 of your videos.  I have wanted to learn 1000 Buddha hands for a long time.  I love the video and have also started doing more of your qigong forms.  I have been doing qigong for about 30 years but your forms seem to be the best for my  health.  In just a short time I have started feeling better.  Lyme doesn’t seem to be such a terrible problem any more.  Thank you for your dedication to helping others.


 I had an absolutely amazing time at the retreat.  Not only did I meet so many wonderful people, and learn the beautiful forms that were taught, but I was quite taken by the presence of a nonjudgmental, supportive essence that felt like it was a coming home to my true self.  Since the retreat, I feel as if I have been processing things more on a personal/spiritual level.  It’s been a time of realizations and releases from past thoughts and beliefs.