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Talismans for 2020

are available to order.

Metal Rat Year January 25, 2020-February 12, 2021.

According to the Nine Star Flying Feng Shui, the sections of the South and the East will have troublesome stars this year. The star in the South is a triple negative Qi threat. It is best to not spend too much time in these sections of your home.

In Master Liu He’s practice of Qigong and meditation, she gathers the energy of the universe to hand draw each of the talismans and prepare the Feng Shui packet for each section. These are made to order and infused with Qi.

You will need to place each bundle in their respected areas (South or East). Place them on a shelf or whatever you have in that area. Do not place them on the floor or open them until the end of the year. The Qi is packed in with the rolling up of the talisman.

They are good to use for one year. At the end of the year, you may unpack them, burn the talisman or dispose how you see fit, and keep the coins in a copper/metal meditation bowl in the North section of your home.

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East Talisman $35 plus shipping/handling $10 US & $20 International
South Talisman $85 plus shipping/handling $10 US & $20 International
There are two types of South Talismans depending on the material Master Liu He has available at the time of your order. Picture above and below.

Good Fortune Wallet Talisman $25 plus shipping/handling $10 US & $20 International

Good Fortune Wallet Talisman 2020
Hand drawn Talisman by Master Liu He and placed in a small envelope to be placed in your wallet. This Talisman is valid for 4 years! A sound investment.

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