Senior Teacher Training

Healing Qigong: Senior Teacher Training

A one-year advanced program that focuses on Healing Qigong therapy and advanced techniques for self-protection and recharging energy. Students may seek teacher certification in additional qigong forms.

Cultivation of Healing Energy, Projecting Qi & Harmonization: Energy-Healing Power

After completing the Self-Cultivation and Teacher Training program, students enter an intensive, one-year program to deepen their understanding of Qigong Theory as it applies to healing; learn Qigong theory for advanced self-protection and recharging energy; and begin the study of Differential Diagnosis of Energetic Principles. While gaining valuable experience in the classroom, students learn which Qigong routines are best for particular health concerns continuing their study of forms learned in the Initial Program.



  • The Invisible Needle Theory and Application
  • Three Fundamental Methods of Removing Murky Qi
  • The Aura Color and its Healing
  • Four Keys to Healing
  • Four Processes for Treatment
  • How to Develop your Healing Capacity
  • Hammer Therapy
  • Healing through Colors
  • Internal Alchemy
  • Qigong and the Eyes
  • Ethics of Teaching and Healing


  • Six Steps for Projecting Qi
  • Qigong TuiNa techniques for specific topics
  • Qigong forms

Additional Forms: One or more additional forms may be substituted or added.

Additional Option: Two week study program in China

For complete program information, please contact us.