Qigong TuiNa Program

Bringing Taoist Medical Qigong into Your Clinic

by applying Qigong TuiNa or Qi Needling (with or without needle).

with Dr. Liu Dong. Ph.D, OMD, L.Ac.


Three weekend workshops to awaken your clinical practice.

The Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School is happy to announce open registration for the upcoming Qigong TuiNa Program. This three weekend program is designed for health care practitioners or Qigong students who want to develop and strengthen their healing capacities and/or sharpen their Qigong teaching skills. This course offers powerful Qigong TuiNa techniques that can be used throughout your life to heal yourself as well as helping clients.


These workshops will focus on Tui Na, an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). One of the first documented massage techniques in the world, Tui Na is included in the 2500 year old Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine. When practiced with Healing Qigong, the benefits of Tui Na become more powerful, long-lasting and deeply therapeutic for the receiver.  This combined therapy then becomes an act of meditation, recharging the vital energy for both practitioner and patient.  The restorative power of Tui Na and Healing Qigong has been developed by Dr. Liu Dong’s family over several generations you can learn how to hold this powerful lineage in your own hands and use the tools for a life time.


Each weekend will provide you with extensive theory from a Taoist medical perspective on each of the featured topics.  As you sink deeper into your personal Qigong practice and study you will strengthen your Yi (intention). Through this you may then guide a patient’s intention and awareness back toward themselves, stabilize the patient’s awareness inside their internal space, and effect a healing reconnection. Within this general framework, different methods work with specific points on the body to achieve specific effects.


During these weekends of study, you will learn:

  • Taoist medical theory for the specific topics including Wei Qi circulation and relationship with the five Zang, connecting with the Yuan Shen, and connecting the Heart and Kidneys. Migraine theory focusing on: invasion of pathogenic wind, Liver Yang Rising, Qi & Blood Deficiency; Men’s Sexual Health focusing on: Liver Qi Stagnation, Damp heat in the Stomach, Kidney Yang & Yin Deficiency; Insomnia focusing on: Heart Qi Deficiency, Disharmony between the Heart and Kidneys, Liver Qi Stagnation, Wei Qi function.
  • Qigong TuiNa protocol based upon the topic lectures. Many of these techniques may be performed using acupuncture needles instead of bodywork stimulation. These techniques include: TuiNa for the Scalp and Back, Abdominal Turtle, TuiNa for the feet, and Taoist Hypnosis.
  • Qigong forms and routines will be practiced and taught at each weekend workshop. These forms and routines will be based upon the topic of the weekend along with Qigong Philosophy.