Self-Cultivation and Teacher Training

Two-Year Healing Qigong: Self-Cultivation and Teacher Training.

This two-year foundation program is designed for all people, regardless of level or experience, to develop or strengthen their foundation in Qigong as a self-cultivation practice.


Year One: Developing a Core Practice, Capturing Qi – Harmonization: Heart-Mind

Through studying Qigong theory and practicing several Qigong forms, students learn to gather and cultivate Qi. Students also gain an understanding and appreciation of the mind/body relationship, resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with the universe. Blocked Qi is released and an abundance of Qi stored in the Dan tian.


  • Introduction to the Four Principles of Taoist Philosophy
  • Theory of Qi
  • Theory of Five Elements
  • Five Toxins of the Heart
  • Self-healing Breathing Methods
  • Influence of the Cycle of the Moon on the Human Body
  • Seven Sacred Doors in Qigong Practice
  • Qigong and Women
  • Introduction to the Five Ancient Qigong Schools
  • Ethics in Qigong Practice


  • One Thousand Hands Buddha, Discovering the Innate Noble Heart.
  • Eight Treasures, 12th century method building strong bones and flexibility.
  • Jade Body, Opening the spine and healing spinal problems.
  • Jade Woman, Purification for the blood and liver; healing female diseases.
  • Hui Gong Level I, Healing the heart.


Year Two: Deepening the Core Practice, Guiding Qi & Harmonization: Mind-Energy

Students study energetic relationships within the human body and learn to guide, transform, emit, lead, vibrate and control Qi. As a result, students are able to stabilize the seven emotions and bring their minds into a powerful harmony with their Qi.


  • Three Processes of Qigong
  • Three Responses of Practicing Qigong
  • Three Secret Methods of Self-protection
  • Relationships between Emotions and Sounds
  • Ethics of Teaching Qigong


  • Six Sound Therapy, Healing the organs and balancing the emotions.
  • Ling Gui “Spiritual Turtle,” Tonifying the kidneys and healing arthritis.
  • Sleeping Buddha, Healing insomnia.
  • Hui Gong Level II, Healing the kidneys.

Additional Forms: One or more of the following forms, or other important forms, may be substituted or added at the Instructor’s discretion during the two-year program, depending on the students’ progress.


  • Qi Gong of the Sun, To reinforce the supreme Yang energy.
  • Moon Meditation, To reinforce the supreme Yin energy.
  • Pu Sa Qi Gong, An anti-cancer method.
  • Mei Hua Zhuang, A 14th century method to build the “iron shirt”.
  • Yi Jing Xi Sui Jing, to develop the bone marrow, nourish the brain, and restore memory.
  • Hu Lu Gong, Qigong to enhance the immune system and protect against the cold.

Additional Option: Two week study program in China

Certification: Those who wish to teach may, at the end the first year, seek teaching certification in one of the Liu Family methods. An additional three forms are available for teacher certification at the end of the second year.

Study Weekend and Summer Retreat Dates – Year One

  • Comprised of four (4) weekend workshops and one 5 day summer retreat. Flexible start dates have now been implemented.

The cost of the program is $1950 per year tuition with at $100 book fee, these prices do not include lodging, transportation or meals for the study weekends or the Summer Retreat.

Option: Enroll in the two year program for $3600 tuition (for the two years) and a $200 book fee, these prices do not include lodging, transportation or meals for the study weekends or the Summer Retreat.

Program weekends of study are available in Portland as well. If you are unable to travel to Portland or Seattle, program options are available. Contact us to discuss flexible study programs.

For complete program information, please contact us.